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Six Waterpots

October 17

Scripture Reading: John 2

Through this miracle of turning the water into wine Jesus “manifested forth His glory; and His disciples believed on Him.” This was the first of His earthly miracles, a miracle that required the obedient service of those who filled those waterpots with water, which was no small feat. Each pot held a measurable amount of water used for washing of hands and feet of guests at the feast. It also required the use of the waterpots of stone, and these are the unsung heroes of this great miracle.

What grace! The Great Creator of all things used these simple implements of service to meet a need at this feast. The God Who spoke the universe into existence used these waterpots of stone as tools in His hands to accomplish His will. Six simple waterpots of stone were instrumental in bringing glory to our Lord, for we read that through this miracle He “manifested forth His glory.” Six, as you perhaps know, is the number that represents mankind. It was on the sixth day that God created man. It is not unthinkable to contemplate that these six waterpots of stone represent mortals that are willing and available to be used by the Master to accomplish His great plans resulting in bringing glory to Him to Whom such glory is due. Vessels that are clean, (2 Timothy 19-21), filled and transformed by His power do magnify the Blessed Savior. May we be willing to be simple waterpots of stone, and willing to be used by our Lord in His service.

Waterpots of stone, vessels for His service,

Used for the Master’s great plans.

Filled with His Word, empowered by His Spirit,

Transformed and fitted for His hands.

Pastor Steve W. Smith


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