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Lively Stones

October 18

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 2

At the entrance of our drive leading up to our facilities, there is a sign bearing the name of the church. There is a stone foundation at the base of the sign, stone which I laid when I was in my twenties, about forty years ago. At that time I was serving as the Youth Pastor of Good News, and was still doing some building. As a builder, I laid a lot of stone on foundations, retaining walls and fireplaces.

Peter spoke of “lively” or “living stones” that are being used by our Lord to build up “a spiritual house.” These words were originally written to Jewish Christians of the first century, but are surely applicable to believers of every era. These Jewish Christians were most familiar with “stones” which were used to build up God’s house in Jerusalem. They had surely looked upon the stones which were used by Herod’s builders to erect the third Temple. (Note Matthew 24:1)

The first Temple was built in Jerusalem under the leadership of King Solomon. I have read that some of the stones used in it’s construction weighed up to 90 tons each. According to Scripture, these stones were all cut and shaped for the Temple off-site, and were so intricately designed and fitted that when the Temple was being built, there was not so much as the sound of a hammer heard. (See 1 Kings 6:7)

There is no such Temple in the Lord’s work today, but there are “stones” that are being added each day, and are being used to build up a wonderful “spiritual house” that offers up “spiritual sacrifices” that are “acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” Are you a Christian? Then you are one of those “lively stones.” If you faithfully live for the Savior in this life, you are one of the “unsung heroes” in the Lord’s service. Be such for Him!

Pastor Steve W. Smith


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