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Digging Deeper: The Call of Nathanael

Throughout the Book of John, the Lord Jesus made reference to “the hour.” In Chapter 2, He called it “mine hour.” The “hour” to which the Lord was referring was His crucifixion. The Cross was the purpose for the First Advent, for He took upon Himself the form of flesh so that He might die on the Cross for our sins. This blessed event was planned in eternity past and fulfilled through the wisdom and might of our Blessed Redeemer.

Once He became flesh, the Lord Jesus had just over thirty-three years to prepare for that which had been ordained before the world began. When introduced to the world through John the Baptist, Jesus had just a few years to set the stage for that blessed event. During that time, many glorious miracles were performed and wonderful messages were presented by our Savior. However, the chief purpose of those years of His earthly ministry was the calling, training and preparing of the men that would carry on His work after His death, burial and resurrection. Nathanael, who was known as Bartholomew in the Synoptic Gospels, was assured that he would see “greater things” during his time of following the Lord that would convince him that Jesus was, and is indeed, the Christ, the promised Messiah.

In the message, I noted that the greatest miracles performed by the Lord Jesus were those concerned with the salvation of souls. Nicodemus, the woman of Samaria, the woman caught in the act of adulatory and the man born blind were just a few examples of individuals that were personally brought to salvation through the Lord Jesus. Some would like to see miracles today similar to those we find recorded in Scripture. Beloved, know this, if you who are reading these words have been brought to Jesus Christ through saving faith, you are one of the greatest miracles ever performed by the Lord. Your regeneration and transformation was and is a mighty work of God the Son. Thank God that He still works miracles today! The saved are living proof of His mighty power. Amen!

Preacher Steve


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