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Still Waters: Wait Upon the Lord

June 28

Scripture Reading: Genesis 21:1-7; Psalms 37:9; Isaiah 40:31

Twenty-five years passed from the time that God made promise to Abraham concerning him become a father until it was fulfilled. Twenty-five years! There were times in that twenty-five years that Abraham felt the promise would never be a reality, but he found that God’s timing is always perfect.

We can be so impatient. Somehow we feel that our Lord should always work on our time schedule, but He seldom does. He is seldom early, but He is never late. He is always right on time. The challenge for us is to learn to trust Him, and then to learn to wait upon Him. Why he waited so long to bring to pass the promises He had made to Abraham only He knows. Perhaps there were other things that the patriarch needed to learn first. Think of it this way, before God ever manifested Himself to Abraham, before He called him for Ur, He knew exactly when Isaac would be born. His wisdom in immeasurable, and His planning impeccable. He never has to back up and start over. Everything always runs according to His program and plan.

Sarah said, “God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.” Her laughter was the laughter of joy, of excitement; the joy and excitement of a new mother at the age of 90. Several of the verses we read in today’s devotion dealt with the subject of waiting upon the Lord. Beloved, how much anxiety, worry and fear could be driven from our lives if we could learn to heed these challenges? When Abraham heard the crying of a baby boy coming from Sarah’s tent, he knew that God had fulfilled His promise. He knew that God was good for His word, bringing to pass exactly what He had promised. Beloved, may He help us to trust and to wait upon Him!

Pastor Steve Smith


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